Town and Lake Policies

Pets Welcome!!!

 $10.00 per day per Pet Fee will be charged. 



Here at Town and Lake Motel & Cottages, we center our lives and business around family. We understand pets are a huge part of your family. Trust us, we have 4 dogs of our own. So grab their leash, jump in the car, put the windows down and hit the road. Your escape on the lake vacation is waiting!!


 We only ask a few simple things from you and your pet while here at Town and Lake….


  • Dogs must always be on a leash. Not everyone is a dog lover nor does every dog love other dogs.  A leash is a simple way to divert any issues.


  • Always, Always clean up after your pet!!  Let’s be honest, no one likes scrapping dog poo off their shoes. It’s just no fun!


  • Never leave your pets unattended. Please do not leave your furry friend alone in your room. we have all seen Tuner and Hooch,we know what could happen.Do Not tie them up outside of the cabin either. No one wants to listen to a poor puppy cry and bark,  they really do want to go on whatever adventure you are heading too. 



  • Town and Lake Motel & Cottages reserve the right to charge accordingly for any and all damages that occur from your pets during their stay with us.