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Joey & Sheryl Morton, Owners


Mailing Address: PO Box 47
2668 Main Street

Rangeley, Maine 04970

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(207) 864-3755

Fun Facts:

  • Rangeley’s Natural Playground is just minutes away from Town and Lake!
  • Appalachian Trail Head- 10 miles south
  • Smalls Falls- 12 miles south
  • Cross Country trails- 10 miles at Saddleback Mountain
  • Snowmobile trails- You’re on ‘em!
  • Saddleback Mountain-5 miles
  • Moose Alley- 1/8th of a mile
  • ATV Trails- From your front door
  • Airport-1 mile

Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. You can see them on Rte 16 @ Dusk
  2. A deer becomes a moose at age 8
  3. Yes, that is Rangeley Lake
  4. 10 miles long, about a mile across, no sharks.
  5. No the ice isn’t out, yet
  6. Yes, the ice is out
  7. Yes, the lake is safe to ride on. They are out grooming right now as we speak.
  8. The name is Moose-look-me-gun-tic and it’s in O-qua-ssic
  9. It’s pronounced RANGE-ly not Rang-e-ley
  10. You can buy underwear at Nancy’s Gift’s.
  11. The weather is supposed to be beautiful all weekend.