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"Announcing the Grand Opening of the Town and Lake Motel- Rangeley's Finest,"

…was the two page spread of the “Rangeley Record” back in August of 1954. Ben and Jo Morton had a vision of a family-operated motel on the shore of Rangeley Lake, in the heart of their hometown, a small beautiful and soon-to-be bustling village in the northwest¬† corner of Maine. Ben and Jo realized their dream by building the motel and, as business progressed, added nine 2-bedroom cottages. For thirty years they ran the business while raising their family. Joey, their youngest, and his wife, Sheryl, decided to keep the business in the family and raised children here too.

Families from all parts of the world have visited Rangeley’s wonderful, relaxing and natural playground. Rangeley’s history of untouched beauty is legend among fishermen and sports enthusiasts alike. Rangeley’s changes have been few but necessary over the years, keeping with the character of the original accommodations, we strive to make the necessary improvements without altering the appeal of a timeless treasure, now over half a century old.

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